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Some of our clients include: Traefik Labs, DigitalOcean, Gremlin, GMG Color, DataCamp and many more.

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Ord Minnett Designing data visualization for a leading Australian wealth management group.

Data visualization, Illustration

Ord Minnett is a leading Australian wealth management group, incorporating full-service stockbroking, financial planning, funds management and portfolio services. Focused on service excellence, Ord Minnett is a highly respected name in the Australian investment landscape.

With a creative approach we designed the graphs and charts for the presentation slides. We added a cutting-edge look and feel to the data visualization using shadings and light effects to make the graphs fancy and explanatory at the same time.

DigitalOcean Designing imagery assets to reach millions for the unique cloud hosting provider.

Illustration, Icon design, Data visualization


DigitalOcean provides developers cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers. As of January 2018, DigitalOcean was the third-largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers. 

Jane & Rosello collaborated closely with DigitalOcean's design team to build their brand imagery and create well-crafted illustrations and icons to boost their website and marketing campaigns.

Gremlin Designing marketing illustrations for the world's first enterprise chaos engineering platform.

Illustration, Marketing design


The Gremlin team lived and breathed incidents, on-call, and Chaos Engineering for a decade. The've served as ‘Call Leaders’ at Amazon and Netflix, responsible for fixing global outages.

Jane & Rosello helped to enhance Gremlin’s marketing campaigns metrics with exclusive and well-crafted isometric illustrations.

GMG Color Redesigning the color management web app of the leading developer and global supplier of high-end color management software solutions.

Web app, Data visualization, UI design


With 35 years of experience in the graphic arts industry and 150 employees worldwide, the GMG brand is synonymous with a guarantee for high-quality solutions for everything to do with color. 

Jane & Rosello designed the UI for the GMG's centralized color management web app.


LibraCredit Designing landing page for a fintech company.

Web design, Illustration


Jane & Rosello designed a cutting-edge look and feel landing page and illustrations for a decentralized lending ecosystem. Jane & Rosello take a creative approach to cryptocurrency projects to produce outstanding websites and landing pages.

CallStop Designing logo and MVP for a robocall blocker app..

Logo design, Mobile app


CallStop is a 100% effective robocall blocker, it can protect any phone number. The team behind CallStop asked Jane & Rosello to design their product logo and the UI for their MVP. 

The timeframe was very short, but in just a couple of weeks Jane & Rosello designed their product logo, the onboarding screens, the basic UI system and all the marketing assets needed for the MVP launch.

Gioseppo Redesigning the e-commerce of one of the most recognized footwear companies in Spain.

E-Commerce, Website


Gioseppo is a family business with concerns and ambitions that in 1991 decided to take everything to create a brand concept that did not exist. They started selling in Spain but today Gioseppo are already present in more than 60 countries throughout the world. Giossepo reached out to Jane & Rosello with a clear problem, their website wasn't aligned with their goals and it was not allowing a proper business growth.

In order to achieve the business goals set by Gioseppo, Jane & Rosello designed a high conversion ecommerce experience. The design solutions helped Gioseppo to grow sales 158%.

tFlow Rethinking, redesigning and improving the prepress workflow automation.

Web App, Mobile App


The collaboration with Tucanna Aleyant goes back to the first versions of T·Flow, but in this new challenge the mission was to adapt all the features of the powerful software into a web and mobile environment adding also collaborative functions. 

Jane & Rosello's conceptual designs shows how complex features can be easily brought to a web environment and to a mobile app. The greatest achievement was making easy the experience of visualizing statistics, managing files and reviewing jobs.

The0cean Building brand identity and interface design for a blockchain trading platform.

Identity design, Website, Dashboard design


The 0cean, is a high performance 0x-based Ethereum ERC20 token trading platform. The 0cean aims to provide the best trading experience to all types of consumers — retail traders, professional investors, and institutions — and bring DEXs to the mainstream.

Jane & Rosello helped The 0cean to create their brand from conception to implementation. Jane & Rosello created the several versions of the landing page for the initial promotional campaign and designed the interface of their trading platform..

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