Your trusted team for design.

Designer duo focusing on beautifully crafted interfaces, illustrations, and logos for clients worldwide.

Partnering with great companies since 2014.


We have a 3+ years ongoing partnership with Traefik Labs to create marketing assets for campaigns, and websites and help build the UI of their web apps.


We had an extensive partnership with DigitalOcean's design team to create illustrations for the marketing department and graphics for the website.


We have an ongoing partnership with Kobiton’s marketing team to create illustrations, icons, ads, and websites.


We have worked closely with the design team at Gremlin, the chaos engineering software, to design outstanding illustrations for marketing campaigns.


We’ve helped Lilt, the full translation service with a refreshed website and marketing assets.


A partnership where we work closely with the DataCamp design and product team to help build user interfaces, webs, and marketing assets.

Selected works

Designing a brand new website for the world's first self-learning neural machine translation system.

"Jane and Rosello got us a great result that brought our branding and design to a new level."

Peter McCall

Ord Minnett

Designing data visualization for a leading Australian wealth management group.

"I feel that Jane & Rosello have a very unassuming but exceptionally unique style with high attention to detail."

Vlada Vujasinovic


Designing marketing illustrations for the world's first enterprise chaos engineering platform.


Designing imagery assets to reach millions for the unique cloud hosting provider.

The 0cean

Building brand identity and interface design for a blockchain trading platform.

"Jane & Rosello are extremely professional, thoughtful, and bring a wonderful attention to detail."

Nicholas Reville


Rethinking, redesigning, and improving the prepress workflow automation.


Redesigning the e-commerce of one of the most recognized footwear companies in Spain.


Benefits Section ✨
Spreadsheet Import Wizard 🪄
Quantum Processor Encryption Key
Traefik Hub Layer
Ingress Controller Infographic for Traefik Labs
The Evolution of Cryptography in Modern History
The Art of Cryptography - Illustration
Kobiton Web Icons
Kubernetes whitepaper and marketing assets
Icons for features ⚡️💲🔒
Service Deployment Illustration
Marketing Illustrations for ⚡️Traefik Hub Website
Traefik Hub Beta Web Page
Bedrock Illustrations and Icons
API Gateway Illustration
Abstract Illustration - Retreat to Your Private Digital Island
📺 Remote Controller STB - Illustration
Icons for IPTV Platform 📺
Live TV Guide ✢ TV Player ✢ TV Channels Exploration 📺
Graphics for Lilt Website
Tezos - Illustrations ⭐️ Case of Study ⭐️
Icon Set for Traefik Labs 🌑
Icon Set for Traefik Labs 🌕
Abstract Illustration - Private Digital Island 🏝
Icons for Lilt Website
Lilt - Website ⭐️ Case of Study ⭐️
Financial Icons 💵
Lilt - About Us Page
Abstract Illustration - Monolith 🗿☁️
AI Icons for Bedrock
Bedrock Icons - Find 🔍 & Password 🔑
Kobiton eGuides
📊 Traefik Labs - Survey Report
Lilt - Personas Page
Lilt - How it Works
TraefikProxy load balancing illustration
Tezos - Protocol Hangzhou Illustration
Lilt - Homepage
Tezos Blockchain Illustration - Variant
Tezos Blockchain Illustration
Device lab icons ⚛️
Data visualization for a leading wealth management group
New Stack Graphic for TraefikLabs
Logo Design - Compass
Color Management - Design System
Traefik Pilot Landing Page
Data Visualization for DigitalOcean
Color Management - Jobs
Traefik Pilot Illustration
TraefikLabs Stack Graphic
CallStop Onboarding
Symplex Logo - Exploration & Construction
Color Management Dashboard
Color Management Web App Homescreen
Personalize voice message
Demigod Visual Brand Identity
Color Proofing Icon
Containous Maesh Landing Page
Icons Set for Kobiton
Containous Landing Page
Cloud Computing Illustrations - DigitalOcean
Hospital and Pharma Icons
Gremlin Illustrations - Case Study
Pagerduty Alerts Illustration
Contributions Page
What Is Chaos Engineering Illustration
Chaos Engineering with Amazon Document DB
Intro To Chaos Engineering Illustration
Avoiding Outages / Downtime  - Marketing Illustration
Safe, Secure, Simple - Marketing Illustration
Authentication Icons
Exentriq Website
Datadog Integration - Blog Post Illustration
Campaign Detail Page - Elix
Gremlin with Docker on Ubuntu - Blog Post Illustration
LibraCredit Case Study
Creators Newsletter - Elix
How to Run a GameDay - Blog Post Illustration
Chaos Experiments Illustration Gremlin
Elix Sign Up
Chaos Engineering Blog Header
Kafka Chaos Engineering - lllustration
Illustration for a 30 Days Promo
Illustration for A Win Free Elix Promo
Elix Infographic
Global Supply Cryptocurrency Illustration
Elix App - Boost
Elix App - Wallet
Libra Credit Landing Page
Avengers Illustrations
Boost Illustration - Elix Crowdfunding Platform
Elix App Wireframes
Blockchain Trading Dashboard
Landing Page Yuvod
Spinij Landing Page
Spinij Wireframes
Elix Lending App Concept
Elix Landing Page - Mobile Version
Logo Design Construction

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