Redesigning the e-commerce of one of the most recognized footwear companies in Spain

E-Commerce, Website




Gioseppo is a family business with concerns and ambitions that in 1991 decided to take everything to create a brand concept that did not exist. They started selling in Spain but today Gioseppo are already present in more than 60 countries throughout the world. Giossepo reached out to Jane & Rosello with a clear problem, their website wasn't aligned with their goals and it was not allowing a proper business growth.

In order to achieve the business goals set by Gioseppo, we designed a high conversion ecommerce experience. Our design solutions helped Gioseppo to grow sales 158%.


Search, find and buy

One of the goals of the new design for the e-commerce experience was clear: create a smooth and fast process from the product catalog to the checkout.

We designed a simple screenflow but with all the necessary information to easily find the required product, view it and buy it with just a few steps.


Designing responsively

Ensuring consistency in every design across web version and mobile version was key to guarantee online experiences users could rely on. The design and the components were built considering this applicability in different contexts and devices.


Corporate pages

An e-commerce is not just about the product, it is also about the brand, about the company behind it. We designed the internal pages with the aim to convey Gioseppo's philosophy, their impact on the footwear market. An sleek design for a sophisticated brand.