Fintech landing page.

Design for decentralized lending ecosystem with a cutting-edge look and feel. We take a creative approach to cryptocurrency projects to produce outstanding websites and landing pages.

overview – LibraCredit@2x

Libra Credit: local demand, global supply.

LibraCredit is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere based on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Landing page design.

A vibrant color scheme, well contrasted design and with gorgeous isometric illustrations to representate the key concepts.

design – LibraCredit@2x

Mobile version.

We prepare the design for a perfect visualization on mobile devices. From the very beginning we craft the layout structure thinking on mobile in order to speed up the development process with only a few tweaks.

responsive 01 – LibraCredit@2x
responsive 02 – LibraCredit@2x

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